Treasure Hunt

“Find the treasures… they are yours to keep!”

Duration 1 hour
Maximum children 30 Children or feel free to contact us to make further arrangements.
Appropriate age 5yrs +
Appropriate open space required Half a tennis court (12m x 11 m)
Price R1 900.00 for 20 children
Additional Entertainer
(For parties exceeding 30 children)


Deep in the woods you may find a treasure, one to eat or wear to your pleasure.

Compete in a treasure hunt race where hidden treasures are there in place.

Our team’s compete in two challenges on the day, one being a race in thought and the other in the garden of play.

All children will be rewarded for their sharp and shiny eyes by keeping the treasures their fingers can find.

Please enquire for further party details

Points to note…

  • Gifts for up to 20 children are included, thereafter gifts are priced at R25.00 per child.
  • We bring all the equipment to your venue and ensure that the premises remains in the condition found when set up.
  • Our entertainers have a wealth of experience in adapting our activities to suit all parties as not one party is the same as the last.
  • Throughout the years we have been able to ensure that the children have the best experience, filled with team, individual and educational challenges.
  • A minimum of half a tennis court of space is required for the entertainers to perform the activities effectively.A maximum number of 30 children can be entertained by one entertainer. If you would like to accommodate more children please feel free to contact us for further arrangements.
  • The party duration is 1 hour.