“Hows that?!?!?!”
Whose team will reign supreme on the day?
Will the Top batsman or bowlers take the glory of the day?


Party Info

Duration 1½ hours
Maximum children 30 Children or feel free to contact us to make further arrangements.
Appropriate age 5yrs +
Appropriate open space required Half a tennis court (12m x 11 m)
Price R2 100.00
Additional Entertainer  (For parties exceeding 30 children)


Warm ups

  • Blind man catches
  • Wicket race

Ball Control

  • Hand soccer
  • French cricket
  • Throw downs

Cricket match

  • The team that achieves top points in training wins the toss and
    is rewarded with first choice of play

Cool down showers

  • Water cool down fights
  • Paintball wicket shots


Safety together with fun is our main priority with all our kids party themes. We perform the paintball activities with strict safety measures and assure you that throughout the years we are proud to announce that no injuries have been report with these activities