Survivor Extreme

“The ultimate Survival Challenge???”

Survivopr Extreme

Party Info

Duration 2 hours
Maximum children 30 Children or feel free to contact us to make further arrangements.
Appropriate age 5yrs +
Appropriate open space required Half a tennis court (12m x 11 m)
Price R2800.00
Additional Entertainer  (For parties exceeding 30 children)


The survival theme is filled with team based survival activities that stretch the children both mentally and physically through challenges that are filled with action and loads of fun. The ultimate team will perform a series of activities with the support and judgement of the runner up team. Each activity will result in an elimination process cutting the contenders down to the ultimate survivor.

Please note that our activities are adapted to suit the children at the various parties and are subject to change to ensure that the best activities are performed for the best party.

  • Survival saviors
  • Hola puzzle racing
  • Blind man’s catch
  • Ball balance
  • The three legged race
  • Survival of the fittest
  • Tug of war
  • Survival dodgers
  • Tip the tower
  • Paintball target shooting
  • Enduro focus
  • Water blast

Safety together with fun is our main priority. We perform the paintball activities with strict safety measures and assure you that throughout the years we are proud to announce that no injuries have been report with these activities.